Raising Kids on Adventure are Building Blocks for Grandkids


Traveling —and parenting—means expecting the unexpected. Just be prepared for how the experience might impact your kids.

This lifestyle will influence them, but maybe not how you would wish or like. Some will accept it; others reject it. Both our sons were hugely affected by our sailing lifestyle as they grew up, and today they are adventurous and adrenaline-driven, and live in the outdoors. One is an America's Cup professional sailor, the other a fanatical rock climber and paramedic/firefighter with a Denver fire department. They don't have nine-to-five jobs, and they are both hugely successful.

Their story has now become their children's story, my grandchildren's story, as my sons raise their children to ski, mountain bike, rock climb, paddle board, kayak, sail, swim, hike, and run. Winter, summer, spring, and fall, there is a season for something, and they attack it all with gusto.

Our sailing adventure was the first block of this foundation.