From Heloisa Schurmann

In 1983, as we were preparing our cruising trip around the world with our three boys, we met an amazing family: Janis and Michel, and their children on board their yacht Cowabunga in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I looked at them, just arriving after 30 days crossing the Atlantic ocean from Europe with Sean a toddler, and Brendan, a baby 11 months old, and I admired them for their courage. During their stay in Brazil, they became part of my family and friends. Janis inspired and helped me with many hints about her cruising experience with her kids. We followed them throughout their lives with the many challenges and victories they faced. I am happy Janis is sharing their life story. We need more dreamers and people who defy the patterns and go for a unique journey or life experiences.

- Heloisa Schurmann, author, researcher, a sailor, of The Schurmann Family, the first Brazilian family to sail around the world. Completing three circumnavigations, they raised and taught their four children on board their sailing yacht.